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Gloomhaven Characteer box and Player Tray
DIY Gloomhaven player box
Gloomhaven board game organizer player box
Wooden character box by Smonex
1pc character box made of wood
Wooden boxes for Gloomhaven board game
Player boxes compatible with Gloomhaven organizer
Storage option for Gloomhaven board game
Set of 4 Gloomhaven palyer boxes by Smonex

Gloomhaven Character Box and Player Tray Made of Wood - Choose 1 pc or Set of 4 pcs

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Gaming Organization, Storage and Saving Game Results with Player Board
  • TIME SAVING ORGANIZATION. A great solution to organize the storage of character boards, character ability cards, attack modifier cards and HP/XP dials after you finish the scenario. Game time preparation become shorter and you can save up to 15 min as players can easily take all the elements of the last game setup from the organizer box, instead of looking for them all over the table.
  • SUITABLE FOR Gloomhaven base game and Gloomhaven expansion Forgotten Circles. Make the first step to organizing sprawling Gloomhaven board game. Character box allows to store all cgaracter’s things. Fit to cards with premium protector/sleeved cards. Organize the atmosphere of a real Gloomhaven game around you by using Smonex character organizer!
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. Character organizer is made of high quality material: birch plywood and acryl. Our organizers are much stronger and 30% lighter than similar materials. Convenient player tray helps you to play for more than one character and fix all the progress. Under the reliable protection of Smonex organizer character mat, active cards, gear cards and HP/XP wheel counter allows you to extend the life of the components of the board game.
  • REQUIRE ASSEMBLY. If you in love with painstaking and lengthy strategy board games, then you will be delighted with the assembly of our organizer. Bring your family or friend in assembly, follow the instructions (included in the box) and become real creators! You will need glue for assembly. GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED AND SOLD SEPARATELY!
  • PERFECT GIFT for board game lovers. Give an unexpected and very necessary gift to your friends, acquaintances or best half and you will see what impression the player board Gloomhaven board game will make.

The main mission of Smart One Box (Smonex) is one really smart box for everything. We will take care of the safety and storage of your board games and you enjoy them. Our team consists of fans of games, so all the accessories, organizers and add-ons that we make are tested empirically and by us personally. Appreciate the decent quality of our player boards and mats, organizers, trays, insert, boxes and other accessories for board games and become a part of our team!

Take the role of a wandering adventurer with your own special set of skills and reasons for traveling to dark corner of the world!

Be deeply engrossed in board game and Smart One Box (Smonex) will help to organize your game space!

The box includes (board game is not included and sold separately):

  • one perfect character box OR
  • four perfect character boxes

Enjoy your game with Smart One Box organizers!

Gloomhaven Character Box and Player Tray Instruction: DOWNLOAD

Gloomhaven Character Box and Player Tray Instruction (4 pcs): DOWNLOAD